About Us

Fire Industry Supplies (FIS) is an established service provider based in Melbourne, Australia delivering a wide range materials that focus on the Fire Protection Industry.
Fire Industry Supplies Wholesalers and Merchants.
We supply fire industry components, accessories and material throughout Australia without a minimum order. We specialise in Pressure Gauges, Roll Groove, Control Valve Overhaul Gaskets, Fire Sprinkler Accessories, Fire Jacking Pumps, Honda Fire Pumps, Pipe, Fire Hydrants, Fire Hoses, Hose Reels, 003 padlocks, OSY Watermark Valves and more.

FIS is actively working on developing specialised materials and sourcing manufacturers to provide our customers an advantage edge on quality and pricing.

FIS has relationships with key suppliers in the Fire Protection Industry that allows us access to a whole range of materials.

We offer a quick turn around on quotes and delivery. The owner Haysam Mohtadi has over 20 years of industry experience.

Haysam Mohtadi

Managing Director

With more than 27 years of practical experience, Haysam Mohtadi is a fire protection practitioner who is able to bring that expertise to fixed fire systems suppression and other aspects of fire protection consultancy.

Haysam commenced his fire protection life as a fire sprinkler pipe fitter, moving quickly to become a fire protection contractor where he excelled at delivering outcomes to the satisfaction of his client base. After establishing and later selling his successful Rhino Fire Protection business, Haysam went on to become Operations Manager of Automatic Fire Protection in Victoria.

Throughout his career in fire protection, through practical application, he has extended his knowledge and expertise. Haysam has worked on developing Australian Standards and worked within the National Fire Industry Association to further progress the professionalism of the industry and to ensure a minimum standard of life safety from fire is available to the Australian community.

Haysam is passionately committed to ensure that any fire life safety suppression system with which he interacts is adequate and able to operate to the level of its design capability, to meet the risk assessment strategic outcomes and to deliver real safety to the communities it serves. He has worked to the requirements of Australian Standards, Factory Mutual Standards, National Fire Protection Association Standards as well as the National Construction Code, Australia.

A leader in his field of practical inspection and understanding of the operability of fire safety systems, FIS clients can be assured of Haysam's integrity and his dedication to ensuring any task undertaken is carried out competently, efficiently and effectively.