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22 October 2020
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27 October 2020
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120-1 SD-PS Series Pressure Switches

Data Sheet

  • Sensitivity adjustment wheel, no special tools required
  • Reinforced diaphragm resists pressure spikes


The SD-PS Series Pressure Switches shall be installed on the sprinkler system with connection as shown on the drawings and/or as specified herein. Pressure switches shall be of the bellows-activated type. Switches shall have a maximum service pressure rating of 300 psi and shall be factory adjusted to operate at a pressure of 4 – 8 psi. There shall be one (1) or two (2) SPDT contacts rated at 10.0 Amp @ 125/250 VAC and 2.5 Amp @ 30 VDC. The contractor shall furnish and install, where indicated on the plans, pressure switches according to appropriate NFPA standards. Switches shall be provided with a ½˝ NPT male pressure connection to be connected to the alarm check valve of a “wet” sprinkler system, into the intermediate chamber of a “dry” system, or to a pre-action or deluge valve. They shall be activated by any flow of water equal to or in excess of the discharge from one sprinkler head. Switches shall provide 1 knockout type and 1 open hole for ½˝ conduit fitting attachment and a ground screw provision for electrical grounding. The switch enclosure shall be weatherproof. The cover shall incorporate tamper-resistant screws. The unit shall be listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and approved by Factory Mutual.