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5 February 2020
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5 February 2020
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G-Lock with 003 Key for Hydrant security



APPLICATION Ideal for securing exposed fire hydrants in public traffic areas.

FEATURES Easy to install clamping lock. In-built barrel eliminates the extra cost of securing your hydrant with padlocks.

Snap lock hinge design provides a cut-away point in case of emergency.

KEYING The G Lock comes with L003 keying and is provided with 1 key to suit fire brigrade standards. Additional L003 keys can be provided upon request.

MATERIALS Lightweight and durable polyproperlene. UV and light stabilizers have been added to the material to increase product life in expose areas. Weatherfast pigment additives to prolong colour life.

The G Lock is a simple but effective development in hydrant security.

By incorporating our L003 barrel, vandals no longer have an easy access point to break into the hydrant and you don’t have the additional cost of a padlock to secure your product.