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5 February 2020
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13 May 2020
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Pipe Labels and Markers

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sprinkler remote test

sprinkler drain valve

sprinkler pressure switch

sprinkler monitored valve  Rectangle tag”

sprinkler flow switch  Rectangle tag”

Installation pressure gauge

Installation pressure Switch

Installation Jacking Pump

brigade line

local alarm

local alarm lock open

test valve lock closed

lock open

Lock Closed

normally open

normally closed

quick fill valve

drain line

drain valve locked closed

drain test valve locked closed

flow switch test drain normally Closed

DBA pressure switch

pressure relief isolating valve

main stop valve normally open

fire main valve lock open  Rectangle tag”

Combined Main Pressure

Solenoid Installation Valve Lock Open

towns main pressure

towns main valve normally open

waste and test valve normally closed

annubar drain

jacking pump orifice

electric pump pressure switch

diesel pump pressure switch

Pump Discharge Pressure

Pump Suction pressure

jacking pump isolating valve normally open

auto jacking pump suction valve lock open

Auto jacking pump discharge valve lock open

pump discharge isolating valve lock open  Rectangle tag”

fire hose reel service – lock open  Rectangle tag”

fire service isolation valve locked open  Rectangle tag”

fire service isolation valve locked closed  Rectangle tag”

fire service isolation valve no.  Rectangle tag”

window drencher isolation valve Rectangle tag”


 Large Stickers , 2 Sizes

Fire Sprinkler “Large sticker, 2 sizes”

Fire Hydrant  Large sticker , 2 sizes”

Fire Service “Large sticker, 2 sizes”

Fire Hose Reel “Large sticker, 2 sizes”