300PSI-NRS type Flanged End Gate Valve
5 February 2020
WTV-062 FM/UL Test and Drain 50mm Roll Groove
5 February 2020
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WTV-003 FM/UL Test and Drain 50mm threaded FIS

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The FIS Model WTV-003 Test and Drain allows for draining of a sprinkler system as well as WTV-003 performing the required Water Flow Test with one combined valve incorporating a single handle.

The WTV-003 eliminates the need to use two separate valves and additional fittings to perform the test and drain functions. These features of the Model WTV-003 reduce the need for additional Test and Drain Valve inventory with multiple test orifices.

The Model WTV-003 contains two integrated ports with clear Lexan plugs allows for a visual means to determine if water is flowing through the valve.